Visiting the State Capitol

I had the privilege of visiting the State Capitol on Monday with my daughter Eris and all of the 4th grade students at Eccles Elementary. There were about 75 kids and 30 adults altogether.

Class on steps of the State Capitol

Mrs. Fitch’s 4th grade class at the State Capitol

Many parents came along, and I think we all learned a few things about the Capitol. For example, the “gold man” is 23 feet tall and has no name, but represents “everyman/woman”; the senate takes a roll call vote but the house votes electronically by pushing a button; there are 30 senators and 60 representatives; and there are about 4,000 bills in the legislature this session. Wow.

Our district 20 State Senator, Alan Olsen, and our district 39 State Representative, Bill Kennemer, took a break from their busy schedules to speak to the students on the grand senate-side staircase inside the lobby. They fielded many interesting student questions.

We concluded the day by climbing the dome stairs and looking out over Salem from the viewing deck as the “gold man” does.

Students milling about on the dome of the Capitol

On the dome platform of the State Capitol with daughter Eris, friend Wendy, and tour guide



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