Week of May 11th

There was no city council meeting this week but the budget committee met on Thursday and finalized the budget proposal, which we will discuss as a council at the work session on May 20th. The budget committee is comprised of us councilors/the mayor as well as 6 community members.

The new Library/Civic Center project is moving along nicely, on schedule to break ground on August 1. The cost estimate will be ready next week, so we can see if we are on budget. Fingers crossed.

Library project view

The site of the future Library/Civic Center

Our public works department is doing the pre-construction work for the project currently but we will soon hand it off to the project team and the GC, Triplett-Wellman, to run with.

Superintendent Goodall held a “coffee chat” for parents at Eccles Elementary School on Friday. A few topics were the budget, priorities for bringing back a part time P.E. and part time counselor position to the elementary schools, and possibly changing the start time for all of the schools so that all students would begin between 8-8:30 a.m. Under this model, bus transportation would be consolidated so that all grade levels would ride together. He was confident that the younger and older kids riding together would be a positive experience, with the high schoolers providing role modeling for the younger students. Rural Ninety-One School has had a good experience with K-8 students riding the bus together, and that was good for concerned parents to learn.

Coffee chat with Superintendent Trip Goodall

Coffee chat with Superintendent Trip Goodall

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