Affordable Housing

I enjoyed being a part of the discussion at the Canby Center on May 21st with several Latina women, April Lesher, who teaches an English class with these women, Tim Lesher, the director of the Canby Center, and Superintendent Trip Goodall. We talked about what the school district can do to better serve the Latino population’s needs and how they are concerned that the rental prices in Canby are gradually pricing them out. This situation–a lack of affordable housing–bothers me.

Canby Center meeting

The group that met at the Canby Center

This is not a new topic for Canby nor the greater state or country. It is a large and complicated problem: “What do you do when your city is pricing out its lower or lower-middle income residents?”

I’d like to learn more about what cities can do. We have a moral obligation for “inclusion,” according to our City Council Goals and Values, but how does that translate into action?

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