Week of May 25th

It was the end of an era on Friday night at Canby Community Preschool: it was the year-end picnic and Teacher Anne’s last day. She has been a beloved teacher at the co-op for the past 7 years and will be missed. Teacher Andy Fowler will be joined next year by new teacher, Emily Talbot, and returning, original teacher, Julie O’Connor. My kids were leery about returning to the preschool picnic as alumni; but after they ate, they happily ran around the playground like old times. My husband and I had fun catching up with old friends.

Tracie Heidt for City Council's photo.


I attended the monthly Clackamas Cities Association dinner on Thursday night at the Gladstone Adult Center and the speaker was Will Higlin of the OLCC, and his topic was Marijuana legalization in Oregon. In a nutshell, on July 1st home consumption and production (growing up to 4 plants) will become legal. Dispensaries for recreational Marijuana is a ways out, as the legislature is still working through the nuts and bolts of the new law.

Interesting facts that I read this week regarding Canby Area Transit:

-It was been in service for 13 years.
-It operates a free shopping shuttle (open to anyone) twice a day.
-CAT service connects to Woodburn, Molalla, Wisonville, and O.C.
-There are over 400 active qualified seniors and people with disabilities using the CAT Dial-A-Ride service
-During the recession, local routes were replaced with general public Dial-A-Ride service. We don’t have the budget yet to return to local routes.

Canby’s Area Wide Towing company is working with the Canby Fire District by towing, for free, people’s unwanted vehicle(s). The fire department will use the vehicles for training purposes, you see. It’s a nice service provided by Area Wide Towing. Well done.

I learned in last week’s city council packet that the police department, via Judge Graff, discontinued the seatbelt class due to low volume of seatbelt infractions and Legacy Hospital discontinuing their local classes. Also, I learned that $15 of each seat belt fine goes to the children’s bike helmet fund for the annual Bike Rodeo held each May at Knight School. This year’s Rodeo was yesterday morning and was attended by more than 100 kids. Great community outreach event!

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