Week of June 8th


My kids and I and our neighborhood friends, the Davies, took a tour of the City’s wastewater treatment plant on Thursday. It was a stinkin’ interesting way to kick off the first day of summer break for the kids. We walked through the entire process of wastewater to clean water with City staff member Dave Frahm. The plant operates like a well-oiled machine (as the wastewater never stops coming!) and the staff are very serious about the high quality of the purified water. There are a lot of filtration systems in place and microorganisms and U-V rays at work. About 1 million gallons of clean water gets pumped into the Willamette River–near the frisbee golf course–each day. It’s almost miraculous how the process works.

Tracie Heidt for City Council's photo.


It’s hard to believe that it’s really happening, but the Library/Civic Center project is underway. The half block of North Juniper Street between 2nd and 3rd Ave is now permanently closed. It will be a difficult transition for some folks, especially for the neighbors who live near that stretch of Juniper Street, but thank you for understanding that this change is definitely for the greater good.

 Canby Public Library's photo.


My kids all signed up for the Library summer reading program this week. For every 30 minutes they read, they will color in a bubble, and after 25 hours they get to collect the free book and little prizes. It’s a fun ritual we do every summer after school is out for the year. It’s a helpful academic anchor with nice incentives. Hooray for public libraries!

Tracie Heidt for City Council's photo.


The Free Summer Meals program will begin on June 22nd in Canby. The location rotates throughout the summer and I see that breakfast is served on select weeks, too. I wonder if this is a new addition? I’ve learned that it is not exclusively for low-income children, but for ALL kids ages 18 and younger. I think that there is often awkwardness on that front because people aren’t sure if they are cheating the system if they are not low income. I’ve learned that the school district really wants ALL kids to feel welcome to eat, for if there is too little attendance, then the program might get cut in the coming years.

Tracie Heidt for City Council's photo.
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