Afternoon at the Capitol

I was grateful to spend an afternoon at the State Capitol last week before the session ended (it officially ended July 6th). I’d been wanting to do this for several weeks and I finally had the opportunity.

State Capitol

In the gallery of the House of Representatives at the State Capitol

I sat in on a Revenue Committee work session, a Joint Ways and Means Committee work session, and then, at last, my much anticipated event: a House floor session in the evening.

I knew the session would be ending any day and I could feel the sense of hurried-ness and weariness among the legislators that day. It was interesting to get a glimpse of how things are run at the Capitol. I got to witness my own Representative Kennemer co-carry a bill on allowing 2 new Oregon licence plates: one for breast cancer awareness and one for the Portland Trailblazers. Surprisingly, there were a lot of comments/speeches made by various representatives on this topic. It passed 52-5.

I have a better sense of who the 60 State Representatives are, as I spent more time on the House floor gallery that evening than on the Senate floor.

State Capitol

Evening at the State Capitol with families playing in the fountain


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