July 4th in Canby

The General Canby Day events were fun this year–more so than ever before for me.

I helped serve breakfast for the Historic Society’s annual fundraiser breakfast at Knight School next to Councilor Clint Coleman during the 10 -11 a.m. shift and got to chat with some citizens, one of whom was Bob Maxwell of the Canby Utility board. It was nice to put a name with a face!

General Canby Day parade

The Friends of the Library crew before parade time

My family and I joined the Friends of the Library float, which was Nancy and Rex Sebastians’ 1968 yellow Mustang convertible.  A group of us walked alongside (and my youngest daughter rode in the backseat), as John Warwick drove, waving our Friends’ logos (affixed to a paper plate). I waved a poster with the rendering of the new Library/Civic Center for about half of the route and then decided that spectators probably didn’t know what it was from afar so grabbed a Friends’ sign to wave too.

New library

The design for the new Library

I got a much fuller view of the General Canby Day scene this year, as I traversed the entire area, unlike the previous 2 years, in which I was stationed at the Friends of the Library book sale for a couple hours and viewed the parade from there. I missed being part of the book sale crew but hear that they earned about $1,300. A fine profit which will be donated directly to the Library for programming.

We let off fireworks at a neighbor’s house so missed the community fireworks show at Baker Prairie Middle School, but I heard that it was one of the better shows in recent years. The community raised $12,000 for it. Wow, well done, Canby.


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