Week of July 27th

The kids and I attended the OSU Extenstion Center’s community open house in Aurora on Wednesday (it’s near Charbonneau). We couldn’t stay long enough to catch the hay ride tour of the property, but the kids created a few crafts of various insects (e.g. caterpillars, ladybugs), and we bought some organic vegetables, sampled some various breeds of blueberries, and cooled off in the mist tent. It reminded me a lot of our days in Ames, Iowa and the agricultural scientists we knew there through Myron’s work.

Tracie Heidt for City Council's photo.


The deadline to  nominate your Canby hero was July 31st through the Canby Public Library. “Who is your local hero / role model / counselor / protector?” the application reads. The theme this summer is “Every Hero Has a Story,”  you see. If you nominated a hero, she/she will be recognized at the End of Summer Reading Party on August 12. http://www.canbylibrary.org/hero-nomination.html

I submitted my hero nomination this week; it was for Walt Daniels, who has been a community leader in Canby for decades, was a city councilor for nearly 20 years, and still serves on a few community boards. Walt has a lot of integrity and compassion and I respect him a lot.

Also this week I met with Mayor Ogden, the mayor of Tualatin, to talk about the Oregon property tax system. It’s quite complicated and I still have some questions, but I feel a bit more knowledgeable about the effects of Measure 5 and Measure 50, which amended the Oregon constitution in the 1990s.

The actual amount an individual property owner pays in property taxes each year depends on 4 factors:
-The total amount levied by the various local government taxing units.
-The currency and accuracy of the market value of the individual property.
-The Measure 50 (passed in 1997) assessed value of the property.
-The $10 tax rate limit in the state constitution.

I post this on the first day of August. How fast the summer is going by! 

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