Groundbreaking For the New Library/Civic Center

The groundbreaking ceremony took place on Monday for the new Library/Civic Center project. It was heartwarming to see so many interested citizens come out to show support. A large group of us got to dawn the hard hat and grab a shovel to have a ceremonial dig.

Those present at the event were the project team, city council/mayor, Library board members, Friends of the Library members, Library Foundation members, Library staff, and many other patrons and citizens. It was indeed an important milestone for Canby. There have been several years’ worth of stops and starts to get us to this point. We have largely the talents of our current city administrator, Rick Robinson and assistant administrator Amanda Zeiber, to thank for the smooth progress we’ve made over the past 6 months.

Groundbreaking event

The project team and city council take a dig to break ground.


Many of my library friends came to the event, such as Sarah Burgon and Joolin Rice and kids (top photo), Friends of the Library board members, Joyce Ares, Kathy Shinn, Linda Warwick, and hidden Kathy Stuart (middle photo), and (bottom photo) former Librarian of many years, Beth Saul with Kathy Shinn.

Tracie Heidt for City Council's photo.
Tracie Heidt for City Council's photo.
Tracie Heidt for City Council's photo.
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