Rezoning Ordinance

I am proud to have supported an ordinance last night that will rezone a small parcel of the Canby Pioneer Industrial Park. It will rezone a 7.6 acre portion from heavy industrial to  high density residential zoning. In the end, the vote carried 4-3: Parker, Coleman and I were “yes” and Rocha, Hensley, and Dale were “no” with Mayor Hodson breaking the tie with a “yes.”

There are so many reasons to support this ordinance, which was supported by the Planning Director, Economic Development Director, and Chamber of Commerce director. Namely, the City is in great need of apartment housing. Waiting lists are long for the existing apt complexes, which are 35-year-old buildings, on average.

We need workforce housing for the present and future employees in the Industrial Park– and other people employed in town– and for folks who want to move here but cannot (due to no apartment inventory).

There is plenty of industrial land in our industrial park to spare (a total of 367 acres), the apartments would be next to Arneson park, which is behind Fred Meyer, with easy access to the highway and shopping opportunities. The builder has a strong track record for managing his properties well, and they will be attractive apartments–with good walkability to Fred Meyer, area transit, the logging road, etc. Exhaustive studies were done by the applicant and City staff to ensure that all of the Comp Plan requirements were met; the State and ODOT have given their blessing to it, as well.

It’s a dream come true, this potential boon of high-density housing. I’ve been contemplating what we as a City can do to provide some more affordable (non-single family resident) housing and could think of no viable solution.

And it’s a win-win situation for all parties: the community, the industrial park owners, and our local businesses.

(However, it comes up for a second reading in a couple of weeks so it’s not an official ordinance yet.)

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