New Canby Public Library Director

Below is a press release issued by the Canby Public Library last week. I too am eager to meet Ms. Green. I believe that she will introduce herself to us at the city council meeting tonight.

Great news–we have a new Library Director!

Amanda Zeiber (Human Resources Director for the City of Canby) shared this information today: “I am happy to announce that Irene Green will be starting on October 5th as Canby’s new Library Director!

Ms. Green was selected after a series of interviews involving management staff, library staff, and the Library Board Chair. She’s very excited to start in Canby and looks forward to meeting everyone.

Ms. Green was most recently employed as the Library Director for the Gladstone Library. She has a Master of Science in Library and Information Science and appears to be a strong and influential advocate of library and public services. She is an innovative director who has extensive experience with integrating quality customer service and increasing use of library programs and services. She has advanced organizational, budgetary and communication abilities and should be a wonderful addition to the Canby team.”

We can’t wait until Monday!

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