October 7th City Council Work Sessions

It was a long and eventful series of meetings last night: a 2-pronged work session, followed by a Canby City Council meeting, and an Urban Renewal Agency meeting. I’ll summarize the work sessions here…

The first work session was with the General Canby Days group (a nonprof corporation). We discussed their impressions of what went well this year and what needed improvement. They thought attendees had a good time but they would have liked more help from the City. At the end of the session, they handed around their letter of resignation, however. I was completely shocked. The City staff will brainstorm about where we go from here, so we may continue to deliver a fun, successful event on the 4th of July.

The second work  session was about marijuana policy and was led by our City Attorney, Joe Lindsay. He informed us that the deadline for cities to declare their intention of putting on the November 2016 ballot– a referral to the voters on the approval of a marijuana dispensary in Canby–is December 24, 2015. We are contemplating this.

A separate ballot measure we could issue would be whether voters want a 3% local sales tax on marijuana sold locally (if the local selling of it passes). The money would go directly to the City. I am unclear as to whether it would be specifically earmarked for law enforcement use or the general fund. I’ll have more answers to that and other questions in the coming weeks!

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