School Bonds

I was curious about the details of the school bond that is listed on our property tax statement, so I looked into it and here’s what I found.

I am thankful to the voters who had the foresight to approve these important changes/renovations for our school district back then.

  • There are 10 years left on the bonds that the district took out/refunded.
  • 2005B Issue – Last payment 6/15/25 ~ Plan, construct, and furnish BPMS, renovations and additions to CHS, addt’l capital construction and improvements throughout District facilities.
  • 2012A Issue – Last payment 6/15/25 ~ Refunded GO Bonds from 2000 that were for roof replacement, HVAC, ADA renovations, professional technical classroom & PE facilities, science lab upgrades, electrical and data wiring, electronic door lock system, land purchase for future MS (BPMS).
  • 2012B Issue – Last payment 6/15/20 ~ Same as 2012A Issue.
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