Growth in Canby

At the urban renewal (city council, basically) work session on Wednesday we learned about all of the current building projects that are either underway or still in the planning stages. I am stunned that we are suddenly in such a rapid growth period in Canby! But it makes sense: the market dictates when the time is right.

The Fred Meyer gas station on 99-E is under construction, OBC Northwest (a nursery supplier) on NW 13th Ave is expanding, the newly vacated Clackamas Federal Credit Union space on Grand is being purchased by a buyer yet unknown, McDonalds will be expanding before long, the apartment complex that we recently approved a rezone for will be moving ahead shortly, and several properties in the industrial park have serious interest.

We’re getting closer to a solution for the downtown “Quiet Zone” but a an electricity pole at Elm St. and 1st Ave will need to be moved before the process can go forth, and this will involve ODOT and PGE.

I’ve learned that big projects involving a lot of partners/players can take months or even years to execute. That is just how it works.

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