Place 2 Be Cafe Closing

Below is the latest news about the P2B Cafe in Canby. Today is their last day of business and they close at 3 pm. I plan to swing in there to say goodbye. It’s very sad for Canby, as it really did live up to its name.

Sadly we are announcing the closing of our doors at the end of the year. We apologize for the late notice however up until yesterday we had hoped to introducethe new owner and go out on a positive note with the transition. We just go word that they are no longer purchasing the business and therefore we are unable to continue the Place To Be for the community. We appreciate your support and THANK YOU for all the memories! Words can not begin to express our gratitude for being able to serve all of you over the past 5 years! Please come say goodbye and get your favorite meal or drink one last time!

Blessings to All!
Pam & Doug Thomas, Owners

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