City Council Meeting Summary– April 6th

Here are some highlights from the city council meeting on April 6th:

  • The Mayor read a proclamation announcing National Library Week will be next week (and library director Irene Green gave a speech about the power of libraries in the digital age).  He also read a Grange Month Proclamation.
  • We heard a presentation on the economy of Clackamas County/Canby/the greater Portland region (very interesting!). The county’s unemployment rate is now lower than it was pre-recession–now at 4.6%. Very good.
  • We appointed/reappointed the following people to several City committees and/or advisory boards: John Serlet, Roger Reif, Bob Backstrom, Glenn Brooks, Ryan Oliver, and Matt Olsen.
  • We approved Eagle-Elsner, Inc. to do our Street Maintenance Program this spring. Parts of the following streets will be included: Territorial, N. Birch, Elm, NE 2nd, 18th, 20th, Sequoia, Township.
  • We amended language in our City code clarifying that any donation to the Library will be used specifically for the purpose the donor intends.
  • And we agreed to purchase land from Pioneer Property for a permanent home for the Canby Area Transit building and bus lot.
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