Water Treatment Tour

I toured our municipal water treatment facility on North Cedar Street this morning.                                            

Tracie Heidt, Canby City Councilor's photo.Project Manger Brian Hutchins of Veolia is very knowledgable and I learned a lot.

Canby Utility contracts with Veolia to manage the water treatment plant and 4.5 people work there. Someone must be there 365 days a year because it is crucial that something as important as our water quality is constantly monitored.

In the peak summer months Canby residents use about 6 million gallons of water per day but only about 1 million gallons per day in the winter. In addition to the reservoir onsite, there are 2 reservoirs on SW 13th Street and 1 on 4th Street near downtown Canby.

The intake location is about a half mile from the facility, in the Molalla River, in the vicinity of the police department. A huge 24 inch pipe (pictured below) brings raw water into the facility from the river and from there it is filtered through an anthracite/sand/gravel system, then disinfected with sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite, and then disinfected with UV rays. It is one impressive operation!

 Tracie Heidt, Canby City Councilor's photo.
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