New Annexations

We accepted 3 annexation requests last week for a total of 38 acres east of North Redwood Street. This was the last stop: it will not go to the voters in November due to newly adopted State legislation.

I followed SB 1573 closely during the short 2016 legislative session and it was very difficult to get enough legislators to vote in favor of it, I observed, due to cities’ “home rule” accord. However, I personally support the policy.

A city still has many regulations and requirements that an applicant must meet before it is approved, e.g. it must be inside the Urban Growth Boundary, meet clear and objective standards, and most importantly, fill a need for the long-term housing supply for the city.

This legislative change removes voters’ “not in my backyard (for development)” tendencies and allows a city to grow smartly rather than uphold the will of the voters and then have to look to develop other lands elsewhere in the area — thereby possibly expanding the UGB unnecessarily into rich agricultural lands.

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