Rural Reserves Review

The Rural Reserves talk at the Canby Adult Center last night was really informative, thanks to the Clackamas County Senior Planner’s presentation. About 50 people attended, listened to the presentation, and did Q&A.

As expected, the vast majority were skeptical/frustrated at the prospect of 400 acres east of Canby (near Township Rd.–see map) getting designated “undesignated” as opposed to “rural reserves.” “Rural Reserves” means it is outside of the urban growth boundary and urban development is “prohibited for a least 50 years.” Whereas “undesignated” means it is land outside the urban growth boundary that is not designated as urban reserve or rural reserve and urban growth can only occur within 50 years unless a few strict criteria are met, such as 75% of the county’s urban reserves are used up.

In short, we need employment lands in Clackamas County and the Clackamas County Commissioners are in the process of determining where those lands will be located in future (whether Canby area, Wilsonville, or Estacada). But nobody wants their lovely pastoral lands to be commercially developed so there is a major conflict.

Also, there are court of appeals land use cases that are lingering, so the whole process is in limbo and it is quite complicated. You can weigh in at by taking the survey. You can also find out where the Clackamas County Commissioner candidates stand on this issue before you vote in the November election!

 Tracie Heidt, Canby City Councilor's photo.
The grey areas indicate city limits and the purple areas are currently rural reserves but are proposed to become undesignated. 
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