Offensive Float in the Parade

I’ll like to make a personal statement in response to the Sons of the Confederate Veterans float that was in our Canby Indepenence Day Parade.

I am disappointed that the City of Canby has not yet made a public statement against the presence of the confederate flags that were paraded through town on that float. I was not aware that this float was going to be in our parade, and the message of hate and racism that it implies is certainly not something that I or the City of Canby supports.

We respect the First Amendment of the Constitution, i.e. freedom of speech, and must uphold it. But I, for one, do not want to see symbols of hatred or racism publicly displayed in our community.

Thank you to Sarah Spoon, Chris Waffle, Lena Kramer, and Cindy Riley for speaking out on this topic during our city council meeting tonight. City leaders are called upon to lead in a time like this, and I am sorry that it has taken us so long to do so.

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