City Days

I attended an event called “City Days” at Happy Valley City Hall earlier this week. It was hosted by the League of Oregon Cities. The idea is for various regions in the state to gather at a particular city to talk about the 2017 legislative session and their goals for it.

We primarily discussed: property tax reform, recreational immunity (and the recent court decision to limit it), transportation funding, and PERS reform. My knowledge on these 4 topics is certainly enhanced after being at the table to discuss city leaders’ concerns and goals about each one.

In a nutshell, I support all 4 priorities. Past legislatures and/or voters (inadvertently perhaps) made mistakes with instituting the property tax limitations and the guarantees of high PERS return rates. Now current leadership seeks to reform these problems, as they unnecessarily limit our revenue sources or necessitate too high of spending (respectively), but it is very difficult to reform these measures after the fact. It is always hard to predict the future when making decisions for the present, but reversing decisions should be an option.

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