Summary of October 19th City Council Meeting

At the city council meeting last night in the new council chambers (yay!), we…

1) Listened to 5 people speak out about their opposition to appointing the vacant council seat before the election. Thank you, Pamela White, Dick Templeman, Susan Chavez, Jim Burrows, and Carol Kramer for sharing your points.

2) Learned from our city attorney that we could make a motion and vote to postpone the appointment during the special meeting on Oct. 26. Good to know!

3) Listened to citizen Greg Perez speak about the need for a hotel in Canby to serve the 600,000 visitors who come through town every year.

4) Approved the annexation and zone change of 1.8 acres of land that is currently an island of unincorporated Clackamas County land–at Oak St. and Territorial–in the middle of Canby proper. It will be annexed into the city limits and be zoned R1.5, which means “medium density residential,” and will allow for 8 new single family homes or a mixture of duplex and triplexes to be built there in future. The proposal was well planned and met all annexation criteria and will provide some inventory for smaller homes, which we are desperately lacking right now.

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