Statement for a Safe Community

The following is the “Statement for a Safe Community” that Mayor Hodson read at our city council meeting on Wednesday night. I am proud that the City is leading the call to model “behaviors that promote a safe environment for all of our residents” in these uncertain and unsettling times in America.

This past July the Canby City Council made a very strong statement condemning the use of statements, symbols, actions or activities that would convey messages of hatred, or in any way seek to deprive any person of their fundamental rights. The Council went on to expressly support and endorse a culture of appreciation for the inherent value for all persons within the community regardless of race, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or other characteristic.

We feel it is very important to reaffirm our commitment and our responsibility to be vigilant in defense of the rights of all people, proactive in our attempts to be a welcoming community for all people looking for a better life, and steadfast and vigorous in condemning all forms of unconstitutional infringement.

These are powerful words. Without action they become and then are meaningless unless each of us strives in all we do to set the example for our families, friends, and neighbors. By us not picking and choosing who is included, is our true test, and will ultimately define how we will grow and prosper as a community.

We feel it is valuable to reaffirm the City’s statement of inclusion, and invite the entire community to likewise do their part. We must remember that it will be the combined actions of our entire community, and not simply the statement of the Mayor and City Council, that will be our guiding force.

We believe in our city and the ability to come together and be successful. Let each of us be the example by modeling behaviors that promote a safe environment for all of our residents and be the example for other cities to emulate.

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