City Council Observations this Week

Wednesday’s city council meeting was unusual because Councilors Greg Parker and Traci Hensley were gone. It really changes the dynamic when one or more people are absent.

Other random observations that are unrelated to the night’s policy content: Councilor Tyler Smith wore his yellow “Asher’s Tribe” tee-shirt to show solidarity with little Asher Davies, who is fighting cancer; it was Councilor Sarah Spoon’s second full meeting as a new councilor and she asked insightful questions; Councilor Tim Dale wore a pink wrist band in support of some cause (not sure which one); and Mayor Hodson asked the police chief Brett Smith to come read more letters of recommendation about police officers sometime (he read a moving one tonight for Officer Mike Smith).

And I was impressed to see that a regular crew of women citizens have started to attend the meetings. Nice to see you, Alma Valdez, Sara Hepler, Carol Kramer, and Pamela White!

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