Summary of June 21st City Council Meeting

At our city council meeting last Wednesday we…

-Listened to citizen input on the Uber/Lyft (aka Rideshare) topic. We had planned to amend our business license policy to include Rideshare drivers, so several drivers came to share their stories and ask us to reconsider certain aspects. The result = we will have a work session soon to discuss and retool.
-Announced that Russell Heinemann will join the Bike & Ped Committee. Welcome, Russell!
-Adopted a supplemental budget due to a change in accounting process of the Street Fund.
-Verified that the City has met requirements to receive state-shared revenue money. Yay! This means $19,200 for cigarette taxes, $274,600 for liquor taxes and $922,300 for gas taxes to be added to the general fund.
-Adopted our fiscal year 2017-18 budget. This must be completed by June 30th each year. (The budget amount is $24,617,879, by the way.)
-Updated the methodology and fees for the sanitary and storm water system development charges.
-Renewed the franchise agreement between the City and Wave and Direct Link.
-Finalized the contract to get the street resurfacing moving this summer!

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