Canby School Board

I don’t update this blog much anymore because I do my regular posts on my community Facebook page, but I will share one today anyway.

I’d like to share some things that I learned at the school board meeting on Thursday night:

1) Director Mary Walsh announced that The Canby Educational Foundation is having its Taste of Autumn fundraiser on Oct. 7th on Lone Elder Road. (It is beautiful out there! Myron and I are in.) Check out their FB page for details.
2) Superintendent Goodall said the year was off to a good start, thanked the local businesses that contributed stuff to the teachers’ back-to-school swag bags, said that doing equity work is among the district’s goals again this year, and mentioned that the teachers’ union negotiations are underway and coming along.
3) Heather Sparks is the new Communications Coordinator (replacing Autumn Foster). I miss Autumn but I’m sure I’ll like Heather, too.
4) All of the school counselors gave a joint Power Point presentation on what they do and how their time is spent. I was impressed by their professionalism. Their role in the schools is irreplaceable, and we are all delighted that each school has a full time counselor this year. They have many responsibilities, such as providing guidance curriculum, individual planning, responsive services, systems support. Good job, counselors.
5) The principals all presented on their start-of-schools news. The most poignant message was from Ms. Switzer of Lee, who spoke emotionally about the recent death of 6th grade Jessie. There were a lot of tears in the room, in addition to mine. We all felt for the family and the entire Lee community. Ms. Switzer was moved by all of the support she has received from her colleagues during this difficult time. 
6) I left at 8 pm so missed the other agenda items such as the School Supplies report (Superintendent Goodall changed the policy so that families are responsible for purchasing fewer supplies now, to the relief of many!) and the Financial report.

It was very informative, and I’m glad that I went.


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