Small Business Encounters

I was glad to meet three small business owners in Canby for the first time this week: Suzie Joy of Retro Revival and Perry and Rick Palo of Northwest Furniture Outlet.

It’s often on my “to do” list, to visit small businesses in town, to reach out and build a relationship with them; and I finally made it happen this week. I really appreciate how Suzie has partnered with the Friends of the Library to sell many of their antique books at her store on consignment. She is friendly and values teamwork and downtown cooperation. I was reminded that rent is high (and prohibitively so in some cases) in Canby for retailers.

I loved the feel and the welcoming atmosphere of the Northwest Furniture Outlet, as I went there hopeful to buy a new mattress for a reasonable price. Perry and Rick are personable men, who really seem to understand and value the Canby community, and that shows in how customer centric they are. And I found that new mattress too! 

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