Tracie Heidt Canby City CouncilI am Tracie Heidt, a Canby City Councilor.

I bring a unique perspective  to the Canby City Council, as I represent the voices of many different individuals and groups in town. I am an involved citizen, know my community well, and I highly value community building. I am an experienced collaborator and have held leadership roles in the the following organizations:

  • Canby Community Preschool Co-op
  • Friends of the Canby Public Library
  • Auburn Farms Neighborhood Association
  • Canby School District’s Battle of the Books
  • Youth Running Club of Canby

I’m a Canby Kiwanis member and have a good relationships with all of the nonprofit groups and civic organizations in Canby, including Bridging Cultures, the Rotary Club, the Lions Club, The Canby Center, the Canby Adult Center, the Canby Educational Foundation, the Canby Public Library Foundation, the St. Patrick’s Food Bank, and several area churches.

I volunteer at community events such as the Canby Independence Day Celebration, the annual Canby Cares event, and Canby’s Big Night Out Street Dance, in addition to volunteering in my children’s schools.

My primary goals are:

  • To improve Parks & Recreation offerings in Canby
  • To continually support our beautiful new public library
  • To work towards affordable housing solutions
  • To build closer partnerships in the community so that we can make positive change together

Having  grown up in Canby, I have a deep connection to this place. Canby High School served me well and enabled me to achieve highly in high school and paved the way for my collegiate success. After high school, I went to University of Portland and then Portland State and studied, worked, and traveled in other cities, states, and countries for many years until I returned to Canby 8 years ago with my husband Myron Peto, and our 3 daughters: Eris, Sophie, and Monika.

My family

My Bachelor’s degree is in English, with a minor in German, and my Master’s degree is in Teaching. I taught high school English in Des Moines, Iowa for a few years before I began having kids, and after that I worked and volunteered in several different places, predominantly in the public sector. I currently work for Tualatin Hills Parks & Recreation District as the Special Events Assistant.




  • Championed the cause for the Library on 2nd Ave, and when that project was killed by a city council vote, I persevered and helped get out the advisory vote in May 2014 for the new Civic Center/Library plan. I am now a strong advocate for the current Library project adjacent to the Canby Cinemas.
  • Piloted the Teacher Adoption Program in Canby in 2012-2013, making inter-generational connections between community members and teachers and students. I continue to run it.
  • Founded the free Youth Running Club in Canby 3 years ago because I saw there was a need for middle school aged (and younger) runners that wasn’t being met due to middle school athletics cuts. This fall I am coaching it on Tuesdays.
  • Organized my neighborhood and persuaded the homeowners’ association to lower annual dues and complete a major swales landscaping project. I also worked to bring back the annual summer block party, as it is good for building community. I am currently our HOA president.
  • Brought Oregon Battle of the Books to Eccles Elementary this school year to encourage and recognize students who enjoy reading and to broaden their reading interests with great literature. And, in fact, one of our teams won the district competition.
  • Am on the newly formed General Canby Day Committee, which will oversee the 4th of July event this year.
  • Am working to bring a community-wide “Giving Tuesday” event for nonprofit organizations in Canby in 2016.

My liaisonships as a councilor are listed below. This means that I am the councilor who attends these monthly meetings, gives these groups updates on City news, and reports back relevant committee information to the council:

-Canby Public Library Board
-Canby Area Transit
-Canby School District Board
-NE Neighborhood Association
-Canby Independence Day Committee



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  1. Jennifer Hemmeyer says:

    Tracie Heidt clearly comprehends where the needs are in her community and ploughs ahead to bring positive change to fruition.


  2. Thank you, Tracie, for your community to Canby and to its citizens.


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